• Benny Armstrong Jr.

    is a young boy who lives in the town of Airbourne. He is a very smart boy and has a passion for Astronomy, something that his mother, Rosie, often mistakes for Astrology. When he isn’t looking through his telescope, he is usually reading Stargazer magazine or listening to his favorite radio show Cosmic Compass hosted by Rodney the Radio Rocket Man. Little Benny is very curious about the world he lives in, but as we find out in the story, nothing in this world is quite what it seems.

  • Rosie Armstrong

    is Little Benny’s mother. She is the best Mom on Earth, but she does have a tendency to be a bit overprotective. Rosie knows something about just about everything under the clouds. She may not share her son and husband's enthusiasm for Astronomy, but that's okay, because someone in this family has to stay grounded.

  • Benny Armstrong Sr. (Big Benny)

    is Little Benny’s father. He works at the local airplane making plant in their town of Airbourne. Little Benny really takes after his father in his passion for science and space exploration. Big Benny often has to come to Little Benny’s aid when Rosie oversteps her bounds.

  • Lora Lee Cass

    is a smart and confident young girl in Little Benny’s class. He has had a crush on her for some time and is only just getting the nerve to do anything about it. Like all young love, it has its complications, and one of those complications is Leo.

  • Leo Grainger

    is a classic bully. He failed a grade and is now in the same year as Little Benny. He also has a crush on Lora Lee, and is determined to make Little Benny too scared to get in the way. He also happens to live right next door to Little Benny which makes his bullying almost impossible to avoid.

  • Harmony Belou

    is Little Benny’s best friend. They met at Space Camp a few years ago and have been best friends ever since. Harmony lives with his mother, Willow, on a commune just outside of town. They also travel a lot and attend yoga camps around the country. While it’s hard on Little Benny having his best friend go out of town a lot, but when Harmony is around he brings a mighty dose of Zen to Little Benny’s world.

  • The Floofs of Lintopolis

    live in Little Benny’s belly button. They are adorable fluff balls that are generally happy go lucky. Of course, there is the occasional tension storm. If Little Benny feels nervous or angry, the tension travels all the way down to Lintopolis and causes the Floofs to get angry and fight. This fighting causes a ticklish sensation in Little Benny’s tummy that he calls “Butterflies.” If only he knew the truth. Floofs also have to watch out for the yearly typhoon (Little Benny's weekly bath). As Little Benny grows older, his baths are increasing, but the Floofs just think it’s global warming.

  • The Beats of Hipville

    have psychic powers and discover they are not alone in the universe thanks to a visit from the famous Floof explorer, Fuzzpoleon, many Beat years ago. Fuzzpoleon appears after a trip south to meet the Zuzus of Jamaland (located between Little Benny's toes.) His trip ends abruptly and The Zuzus, a wild and angry bunch, end up on a treacherous journey north to chase down Fuzzpoleon, thus endangering the Beats.

  • The Blood Brothers of Coronary Heights

    are lively little blood cells who frequently vacation in Lightville where the Joymen live. Everything about their time in Lightville is fabulous, apart from their journey there from Coronary Heights. They take the Party Train, but it always makes a stop in Adamstown, and this is where The Scary Preacher Man lives. He is determined to make them see their evil ways and not indulge in the joyful pleasures of Lightville. Of course he has never visited Lightville, but he has heard terrible things about it.

  • The Joymen of Lightville

    certainly live up to their name. They are loving and peaceful and always welcoming of the Blood Brothers who vacation there frequently. The Joymen are always ready with a fruity drink and a smile. Lightville is located in Little Benny's heart and it is a warm and sunny place most of the time, but thanks to his crush on Lora Lee and the many complications young love can bring, the forecast in Lightville can fluctuate wildly.

  • The Nandos

    are a militant bunch that live in the thick forest on Little Benny’s head. Led by their fearless Commander, the Nandos patrol the forest day and night looking for Waxmen. It is their job to keep the nasty Waxmen from crawling out of their caves on the side of Little Benny’s head. To battle the Waxmen, the Nandos harvest spears from the forest floor.

  • The Waxmen

    are slimy creatures that dwell deep within the caves on the sides of Little Benny’s head. They protect the sacred drum deep within the cave, but long to visit the outside world. Legend has it that they have family on the other side of the world, but the Nandos keep them contained. The Nandos aren’t the only thing stopping them from venturing out, if they get too close to the caves entrance, they risk being taken out by the mysterious White Nights. Occasionally there is a flash of white and the ground rumbles, and before they can get away they are sucked out by a mysterious force.

  • The Zetas

    are alien beings sent to planet earth to study the human race. It is their job to gently influence the human race into a more peaceful existence. The two Zetas following Little Benny are Zoogle and Zagne. They're a naughty pair more intent on getting Little Benny into trouble than helping him. Leader Xain checks in daily to see what progress Zoogle and Zagne are making, but he has yet to see any progress at all.

  • The Buds of Tastetown

    live in Little Benny’s tongue. As you can imagine, they are somewhat obsessed with Little Benny’s every meal. Tiny, the pudgy young taste bud, practically has a nervous breakdown when Little Benny skips a meal. Luckily, Little Benny’s mother, Rosie, doesn’t let that happen often.

  • The Zuzus

    live as far south as you can go to the land between Little Benny’s toes, Jamaland. They are fierce warriors and are always prepared to encounter outsiders. Such an outsider came when the famous Floof explorer, Fuzzpoleon, happened upon their village. They took him prisoner, but he eventually escaped. Deeply unhappy with his escape, they set out to track him down.

  • Miss Markleberry

    is Little Benny’s teacher, The kids call her Miss Sparkle-Wary behind her back because of her apparent aversion to glamour. She is quite prim and proper, but can snap like a twig if she is made angry. And one thing that makes her very angry is being interrupted in class.

  • The Scary Preacher Man of Adamstown

    is always on the train platform when the party train rolls through. A great book was handed down to him by his mother before she died. She told him to dedicate himself to saving others and that the book would show him the way. Unfortunately, he relied on his mother to interpret many of the book’s passages. Without her there, he fears he is failing in his mission to save the Blood Brothers. Their frequent trips to Lightville must be stopped.

  • The Fairies of Itchy Fitch

    are wicked little fairies that have feathers for fingers. They exist only to torture those who have had the misfortunate of breaking bones and require casts. They quickly move into the cramped space under the cast and proceed to drive their victim insane with their tickling touch.